Everyday Enlightenment

By Cate McQuaid, Boston GlobeOctober 25, 2002

Morning at Studio Sink

Dmitri Cavander’s subject matter at MPG is how light transforms the quotidian. He paints the scenes from office windows. Recent Meeting Over, Dusk Outside Windows sets a table and chair in the foreground, with two large windows and the wall between off-center behind them. The city stretches out in quick brushtrokes beyond. Nothing could be more plain than this scene, but Cavander kisses it with late afternoon sun. His smart composition balances light and dark, inviting us into reverie without making it impossibly perfect. The two portraits in the show are stiff and awkward; Cavander’s magic is in his interiors, with windows to the world. Morning, Studio at Sink has a pearly glow over a boxy blue sink lit from within by pale gold sunlight. Outside the window, a red truck sits in a parking lot. The windows in Cavander’s work juxtapose the inner and outer, contrasting them to make each more potent.